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Building People: The “Servant Leadership” Management Model

“Miss Jab-a-lot” “Psycho-boss” “<insert boss’s first name here>, the Impaler” “Soul Drainer” These are just a few of the unflattering names disillusioned employees give to their oppressive supervisors. There are many more names and some which can’t be printed here. … Continue reading

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Around the Bend: Eight Factors That Will Change Our World

For ASQ’s 2011 Future of Quality Study, almost 150 professionals from within the global economic framework weighed in on the topic of forces set to shape the future of quality. While the eight forces that were agreed upon overall are … Continue reading

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Time for a Change: Basic tips for leading a successful change initiative

Change is a scary thing. When it’s done correctly it’s magic. When it’s done badly it’s deadly. I know as I’ve experienced both. I’ve seen the skillful managers who have met with all of their staff and requested feedback, advice and buy-in to … Continue reading

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