New Additions to the Library

new baldrige additionsThe American Society for Quality (ASQ) is the organization responsible for the majority of the content in the Baldrige Resource Library. Each quarter additional content is submitted to the Library by ASQ for upload, linking and distribution. This quarter’s contribution contains links to 65 new articles or resources for your viewing and research pleasure!

Here is a quick breakdown of resource topics:

Total Resources –  Primary Topic Area

  • 10              Quality (Basics, Chg Mgmt, Assurance, Tools)
  • 9                Six Sigma
  • 6                Career Development
  • 5                Certification
  • 5                Baldrige National Quality Program
  • 6                ISO
  • 3                Best Practices
  • 3                Risk Management
  • 2                Data Quality
  • 2                Innovation
  • 2                Problem Solving
  • 2                Process Management
  • 2                Social Responsibility
  • 2                Software Quality
  • 2                Strategic Planning

Below is the full list of topic titles. Feel free to visit the Library and then search by any one of these topics as well. Happy browsing!

  • 40 New Voices of Quality
  • A Global SR Standard: Good or Too Good to Be True?
  • An Enhanced Parenting Process: Predicting Reliability in Product’s Design Phase
  • An Integrated Perspective Leads to Simultaneous Improvement
  • An Introduction to the PDCA Cycle Webcast, Part 1
  • Around the Bend
  • Back to Basics: Creative Combination
  • Back to Basics: Team Advantage
  • Back to Basics: Turning ‘Who’ Into ‘How’
  • Back to Basics: Understanding Variation
  • Bennie Fowler-Ford Interview
  • Beyond the Basics
  • Career Corner: Dust Yourself Off, Dive Back In
  • Career Corner: Planning Ahead
  • Career Corner: Survival Kit for Success
  • Career Corner: Survive and Thrive
  • Case Study: Using the EFQM Model Effectively
  • Certifiably Improving Quality Professionals
  • Certification Exam Prep: Tips, Tricks, and Traps Audio
  • Challenges With Churn
  • Consumer Decision-Making Strategies and Use of Hospital Quality Measures
  • Creating a Shift: The Writing Was on the Wall, but We Thought it Was a Forgery
  • Department of Defense Tools Help Hospital Foster a Culture of Patient Safety
  • Email Matters
  • Fair or Foul?
  • Ford Team Uses Six Sigma to Reduce Costs While Improving Environmental Impact
  • Getting a Boost from Quality Tools
  • Healthy Skepticism
  • Innovation Imperative: Risky Business
  • ISO Survey Reveals Increase in QMS Certifications
  • Johnston-February 2012 Author Audio
  • Lean Six Sigma Increases Efficiency for Financial Services Firm
  • One Good Idea: Branch Out
  • One Good Idea: Complicated Comparison
  • One Good Idea: Flurry of Inactivity
  • One Good Idea: On Purpose
  • One Size Fits All
  • Opening A World With ASQ Certification
  • Perspectives: Perfection Is Possible
  • Perspectives: Salvaging Baldrige
  • Perspectives: Taken for Granted
  • Plan for Success, Model the Cost of Quality
  • Quality in the First Person: A Bad Sign
  • Quality in the First Person: Character and Passion
  • Quality in the First Person: Quality Assurance at Home
  • Quality in the First Person: Quality at Its Core
  • Quality in the First Person: Quality Helps Kick Cancer
  • Quality Quandaries: Personal Injuries: A Case Study
  • Safe and Secure
  • Safe and Secure-Author Audio
  • Salary Survey 2011: Land the Big One
  • Salary Survey 2011: Slow and Steady
  • Serigraph’s Universal Language of Quality and Sustainability
  • Standards Outlook: What’s Old Is New Again
  • Statistics to Facilitate Innovation: A Panel Discussion
  • System Self-Awareness and Related Methods for Improving the Use and Understanding of Data within DoD
  • Taking Continuous Improvement Personally
  • The Effects of ISO Certification on Organization Workmanship Performance
  • The Next Six Sigma Wave
  • The Power of Positive
  • Trading Accreditation for Performance Excellence Model
  • Volviendo a Fundamentos: Cambiando el  ‘Quien’ en el ‘Como’
  • Volviendo a los Fundamentos: An Eye for Design
  • Weapon Against Waste
  • When Students and Teachers Take Responsibility for Learning
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Ten Quality Basics

One of the most popular articles in the Baldrige Resource Library is an article originally published in the ASQ Magazine called Quality Progress. This article features ten 500 word articles by leading authors and practitioners in the field of quality. The ten quality topics and key excerpts follow:

  1. Principles and Methods  by Grace L. Principles of an Integrated Quality SystemDuffy
    • “A truly integrated quality system is based on three
      principles: customer focus, process improvement and
      total involvement”
    • See Figure 1
  2. Measurement  by Graeme C. Payne
    • “For all of recorded history, an essential component of successful trade is a system of measurement, which includes agreement among people about the meaning of the units of measurement.”
  3. Tools by James J. RooneyBasic and New Quality Tools
    • “There are basic quality tools that have been popular for several decades and new tools, too, that have come to the forefront in the last 15 to 20 years.”
    • See Table 1 and 2
  4. Statistics  by Lynne B. Hare
    • “Our job, in making decisions on the basis of data, is to distinguish between a deterministic and a random component.”
  5. Standards by John E. “Jack” West
    • “Certification or registration of management systems can provide confidence in the management system but does not guarantee that products meet applicable product related standards.”
  6. Vision and Strategy  by Paul E. Borawski
    • “Having strategy allows everyone in an organization to benefit from understanding the organization’s intent. It sets the organization’s compass.”
  7. Process Improvement and Process Management by Russ Westcott
    • “For an organization to be effective, the silos prevalent in past times must be supplanted with the process approach, value stream and lean thinking, and a supply chain management mentality.”
  8. Economic Case for Quality by Duke Okes
    • “Being able to measure and communicate the economics of quality is a foundational skill for quality professionals.”
  9. Teamwork and Empowerment by Howard Guttman
    • “A team that is empowered has the authority, information and skills to make decisions that ratchet up performance and drive results.”
  10. Leadership by S. Thomas Foster Jr.
    • “Part of effective leadership is to discover your own leadership traits that you can develop to lead the quality improvement efforts in your organization.”

Visit the Resource Library to read this article in it’s entirety and to discover other quality gems!

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Resource Library Infographic

The Baldrige Resource Library contains over 1300 articles organized into 17 industries. This infographic shows the most prevalent articles come from manufacturing, healthcare/social assistance and education.

The Resource Library also categories content into subject areas. The single most common category is “process improvement” with over 900 articles tagged with this keyword!

Articles by Industry

Articles by Subject Area

Visit the Resource Library to find the business improvement resource you are looking for! Membership is free.

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Focus, Link and Align Model

The single most popular article in the Baldrige Resource Library is a one-page PDF document that describes a performance excellence model called “Focus, Link and Align” by Adam Cohen of Accelerant Performance Solutions. This model briefly describes a four quadrant matrix for evaluating an organization’s top three priorities in relation to its perceived level of business focus, organizational links and strategic alignment.

Focus, Link and Align Model

Visit the Resource Library to download this popular resource!

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Baldrige Resource Library Stats

BRL StatsThe Baldrige Resource Library is a rich collection of organizational improvement resources that includes, video, audio, white papers, news articles, case studies, worksheets, articles, curricula, training documents and more!

As the Technology Manager for the Alliance for Performance Excellence, one of my regular duties is to summarize and report on the monthly trends and analytics associated with the library.  Here is a brief overview of some key statistics that describe this public resource.

  1. Total number of resources available: 1369
  2. Average monthly searches in 2011: 661
  3. Average monthly downloads in 2011: 427
  4. Title of the first document added to the library by ASQ: Two Years After the Baldrige: Quality and Beyond
    • Date this document was uploaded: 3/1/1992
  5. Title of the most recent document uploaded to the library: Business School Improves Learning, Research, and Placement Measures With TQM
    • Date this document was uploaded: 2/16/2012
  6. Single most popular downloaded resource: Video: “The Challenge of Being Excellent” by the Alliance for Performance Excellence, downloaded over 700 times. Here is that video for your viewing pleasure!

[ width=”450″ height=”300″]

Register now to gain access to the Resource Library!GO

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What is the Baldrige Resource Library?

Welcome to the Baldrige Resource Library Blog!

If this is your first time visiting, your initial question might be, “What is the Baldrige Resource Library?”

The Baldrige Resource Library is a FREE repository of articles, podcasts, and videos about organizational improvement, quality methods, and leadership approaches that help change organizations. The purpose of the Baldrige Resource Library is also to help answer the question for those newly introduced to the Baldrige Criteria – “Where do I find out more?”


The Baldrige Criteria work as an integrated framework for managing an organization. They are simply a set of questions focusing on critical aspects of management that contribute to performance excellence. Find out more about the “Criteria for Performance Excellence” on the Baldrige Performance Excellence Program website.

The Resource Library Content includes an extensive array of subject matter on the following topics including but not limited to:

  • Leadership
  • Strategic planning
  • Customer focus
  • Measurement, analysis, and knowledge management
  • Workforce focus
  • Operations focus
  • Results
  • Six Sigma
  • Lean Sigma
  • Quality management
  • Quality improvement
  • Performance improvement
  • Baldrige Application Process
  • Baldrige Examiner Resources
  • Understanding Baldrige Criteria
  • Assessment methods
  • Best practices
  • Improvement methods
  • Process management
  • Strategic planning
  • Training

And did we mention…IT’S FREE! Use the library to broaden your knowledge and improve your organization.

The Baldrige Resource Library is supported by ASQ and is a service of the Alliance for Performance Excellence – a group of state and local associations dedicated to advancing organizational excellence through Baldrige-based programs.

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