Featured Article: 40 New Voices of Quality

40 New Voices of Quality

Quality Progress magazine recently released a special report on the top 40 professionals under 40 who best represent innovation in quality today. The top 12 in this group are given feature profiles in the report, and the remaining 28 are mentioned by name.

Selection criteria were as follows:

(1) Personal Story. Is the nominee honest and impartial in serving his or her employer, customers, clients and the general public?

(2) Professional Achievements. Does the nominee strive to increase his or her competence and prestige, as well as that of the quality profession as a whole?

(3) Community Impact. Does the nominee use his or her knowledge and skill for the enhancement of human welfare?

The resulting 12 profiles are as enlightening as they are encouraging. These are the faces behind the quality assurance that underpins professional output from engineering to teaching to medicine.

Here are the 12 featured professionals from this article.

Jim Akers, Quality Engineer, Rockford, IL

Jonathan Altafulla, Quality Assurance Coordinator, Miranda, Venezuela

Daniel Bharadwaj, Vice President of Quality, Jamesburg, NJ

Sameer Chougle, Quality Assurance Head, Ardiya, Kuwait

Jason Hawkins, Vice President, Lean and Special Projects Manager, Oklahoma City

Mohamed Helaly, Engineer, Doha, Qatar

Jason Kane, M.D., Physician, Chicago

Jamison Kovach, Assistant Professor, Houston

Elias Monreal, Quality Engineer, Tucson, AZ

Nathaniel Piland, Senior Reliability Engineer, Santa Rosa, CA

Asgar “Oz” Rahman, Director of Quality, Madison, WI

Paulo Sampaio, Professor, Braga, Portugal

Check out the Baldrige Resource Library for this article and many more!

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